The Kitely Evergreen Island

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Since few days, I'm always on the Merchants Sandbox World uploading, texturing and taking photos for new mesh clothes.

This morning, I decided to go exploring the Evergreen Island World. I already went there 2 or 3 times, but with the beautiful sunrise, I decided to take some photos. 

It's a beautiful alpine island with a log cabin, trees, flowers, rocks, stairs, different builds and beautiful landscaping. 

On a blog post, Ilan Tochner explains that this World is a template option when you create a new Kitely World. 

All of this was terraformed, builded and furnished by Oz Wayfarer, Zuza Ritt, Dot Matrix, and Tocy Sweet. Thanks to all of you!

The next photos are just for a part of this World. There are many more to visit!

Evergreen Island

Hypergrid Address: Island

Take time today and visit this beautiful World!

Evergreen Island

Hypergrid Address: Island


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