Pacific Northwest, a virtual world on Kitely

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It's fall on Pacific Northwest!

Time to talk about my region! :)

You can read almost the same description in the Explore Worlds on the Kitely site where you find the worlds on Kitely.

Pacific Northwest is a world with some different areas to explore.

Let me present them to you! :)

The Land

Where I lived in RL, nature begins to change colors going from different shades of green to yellow, orange and red. The temperatures are a little colder and the sky so blue! I love this season!

Autumn is also on Pacific Northwest! Come and look at the wonderful colors of this unique season!

Pacific Northwest is a beautiful and quiet land surrounded by water, high mountains and lush vegetation with trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers.

Come, walk around, discover all the little secret places. Relax, take photos, enjoy the view and the sounds of nature!

When you arrive, take your time to enter in the Lodge to find all the places you can explore and teleport.

  • Pacifica Fashion Store
  • Art Gallery
  • Home Decor Freebie Store
  • Fishing Area 
  • Exploring the region in a canoe
  • Exploring the underwater world and dancing surround by fishes
  • Dancing under the stars

The Pacifica Fashion store

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."

                                        ~ Coco Chanel

Feel fabulous, feel feminine with Pacifica Fashion. 
Enhance your beauty with mesh clothes.

Why opening a store in the Kitely Market? 

When I discovered Opensim (back at the beginning of 2014), it was difficult at this time to find a lot of mesh clothes, clothes that I like to wear. :) I thought that other women would like to wear mesh clothes like me and this is how Pacifica Fashion started.

Pacifica Fashion offers you casual and formal mesh clothes to suit your needs in all the ranges of your life.

Inworld, you can experience a new way of shopping by discovering all the clothes in 3D. On the 2nd floor, you will find some freebies.


Here the taxi to visit the store inworld: 

or shop in the Market:

The Art Gallery

I love taking photos in virtual worlds. They are exposed in the Gallery Art, next to Pacifica Fashion store.


Solo Armchair



The Home Decor Freebie Store

During my travels around the Metaverse, I love bringing back home some decorations and furnishing. 

Sometimes, I change colors, textures. Sometimes, I create a little installation like this bookcase on the photo.

Visit this freebie store to find some objects perfect for your house.


The Home Decor Freebie Store

The Fishing Area

Do you like fishing and all things that come from the oceans and rivers? 

Come, take a rod and sit on a trunk, cast your line and be patient. Maybe you will catch a cute little fish or a seashell.

Fishing on Pacific Northwest

In an another post, I will present you the three other main places you can discover: the canoe exploration, the underwater world and the dance floor under the stars. 

Enjoy your visit!

 Summer day on Pacific Northwest

Foggy morning on Pacific Northwest

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