Pre Halloween Party @Pandora on Kitely

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Wwanderer and me

Since the beginning of September, Wwanderer and I are holding parties on different regions  or parcels in Kitely.

Wwanderer likes to think at different setup according to the theme (Latin, Arabian, Halloween) and I help him with bringing some decorations. 

When everything is ready, I take photos to announced them on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

We hold parties on Pandora at three different places: the Pool Side, the Car Park and the Roof Deck.

For the Arabian one, the party was on the ArabianWorld owned by Shandon Loring and with his kind permission.

We had also a blues, rock, 80's party on my region, Pacific Northwest.

All the photos you see in this post from the last one we held on Monday 24th.

Stay in touch for the next ones by following me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+! :)


Our beautiful DJ for the night: Rosa Alekseev



Serene Jewell, the winner of the best costume/outfit of the party!

Rosa, the DJ of the evening and Mike Lorrey

Kurtis Anatine

Saros Eclipse

Rosenwenthe Blackwell

Clara Anderson

Scurvy and Kat

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