Saturday's Metaverse Tour on Kitely

11 h 00 min 00 s

The U, virtual world on Kitely

Every Saturday from 1 PM grid time (Pacific Time), the Metaverse Tour explores a world or two on Kitely and then moves to another world in the Metaverse (for the uninitiated to the vocabulary of virtual worlds, a world outside Kitely).

Yesterday, we visited the region The U on Kitely, an educational area for OpenSim and Kitely in particular. It includes tutorials, mentors, a lot of information on notecards and several references to websites.

In few weeks, most of the information will be translated into French.

Hypergrid Address: U (copy-paste in the big map in the viewer)

From the Kitely website:

The place to teleport (TP) to different worlds on Kitely

From there, we walk through a "door" to travel to another world: Never Ending Story, a world created by AngelCat Wingtips.

The welcome place

The village

The village

Not easy to take pictures while following the group and reading the explanations of our host in the chat. I stopped because there was so much to see. Magical and wonderful.

Hypergrid Address: Ending Story (copy-paste in the big map in the viewer)

From the Kitely website

See you next Saturday! :)


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