Photography and Virtual World

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Since my rezzday (my birthday in virtual world) in 2008, one of my favorite activity in-world is taken photos.

Windlight: Phototools - Hospital Light 01

Everything you know about RL (real life) photo, you can apply it to virtual life: rule of thirds, balancing elements, leading lines, viewpoint, background, depth, framing and one I use a lot, cropping.

No need of high tech and expensive camera and lens. Enter in-world and take screenshots (Snapshot in the menu Avatar).

The beauty of your viewer (the program you use in virtual world) is that you can play with a lot of parameters to improve your photos.

I use Firestorm and with it, I can play with my focal lens, the depth of field. I can change the colors of the sky and the water, the time of the day and even the position of the sun! :)  

Windlight: Alchemy Immortalis - Foggy Morning

Depth of Field (DoF) enable

Even if I take photos since some years, I just begin to explore the Phototools in Firestorm

To find the Phototools in the viewer,
choose in the menu:
World / Photo and Video


click on    at the bottom of the viewer (Toolbar buttons).

Hours and hours of fun in perspective! :)

See you in-world with your "camera"! ;)


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