Isobel, the Perfect Mesh Tank for Summer!

12 h 43 min 00 s

After two months with too much things to do in RL (unexpected things), I'm back on my region on Kitely. 

Last night, I finished the Isobel Mesh Tank in 4 different colors: black, blue, red and green. You will find it in my Kitely store soon.

And... If you are in my VIP group, Pacifica Fashion, you will receive a free Isobel Tank. 

You can join the group by going in the store inworld and touch the panel "Join Group" or find my profile, Lorelei Seetan, and search in my groups.

Here a little corner of my store inworld where you can find all the clothes in my Kitely Market store.

Hypergrid Address: Northwest

When you arrive, walk to the Lodge. Touch the panel "Pacifica Fashion" and Teleport.

If you are already in a world on Kitely, the exact landmark is hop:// Northwest/303/130/22

During your visit, say "Hello" to my NPCs! ;)

See you inworld!


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